with you throughout the life of your boat


A shipyard that accompanies you throughout the life of your boat. From the preparation of new boats (sailboat and engine), to routine maintenance, to improvements (rigging, motorization, stainless steel, composite …) to partial or complete refit, the Port-Fréjus Shipyard (CNPF) is at your disposal.


Kiwiprops propellers are reliable, economical, lightweight, resistant and unobydible. Among other technical characteristics, we can highlight the gearless feathering, composite blades (triple and quadripal), minimal drag and a weight two to three times less than bronze propellers.

After-Sales Service

The Shipyard has approvals with the main players in Boating, thus ensuring a sharp and relevant analysis upstream as well as a great responsiveness in the treatment of guarantees. The trust gained over the years by manufacturers & suppliers allows a fluid relationship with them.


The Shipyard has two shipchandlers, a well-known and renowned brand “Accastillage Diffusion” dedicated to boaters and a second dedicated to professionals. The two Shipchandlers are managed by the same team who will advise you on all products.


Exceptional infrastructures: surface area, travelift, motorized crane, road access, berths make the Port-Fréjus Shipyard a must in the Mediterranean.


The expertise acquired in the preparation of new boats, the routine maintenance of sailboats and motor boats as well as the refit ensures you a quality and a fair price.


Teams dedicated to each business (mechanical, composite, painting, fairing ,…) are guarantees of seriousness, performance and advice.


The general organization of the Shipyard provides you with advice and expertise.


Ideal geographical positioning (French Riviera) for trade shows, preparation of new boats.