Whether sailing on a sailboat, a motorboat, a catamaran, or a trimaran, the term boater evokes:


Whether you are an owner or a tenant, the goal is to have fun sailing, whether for a short coastal walk, such as a long crossing.


The existing regulations applied in French waters are very focused on the individual devices that one must have on board (life jacket, lifeline, crown buoy, VHF, …..). The Accastillage Diffusion catalogue contains a table describing these obligations, which is also available directly on the Government’s website.



The other form of safety that is not regulated concerns the maintenance of the boat:

Antifouling, anodes,
Maintenance and overhaul of engines,
Maintenance and revision of (or) headers,
Maintenance of the rigging,
… Obviously, these maintenance operations, which should be carried out every year, do not guarantee the absence of breakdowns, but greatly reduce the risk.

The budget:

The budget for annual boat maintenance expenses depends on many factors:

Size of the boat,
Motorization and type of propulsion,
Age of the boat,
Regularity of maintenance and replacement of parts considered by manufacturers as “consumable”,

The Port-Fréjus Shipyard offers you all the products and materials necessary for the maintenance of your boat at the Ship Accastillage Diffusion and if you do not have the time or the necessary skills, the CNPF takes care of all the maintenance of your boat.

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In order to further improve the pleasure aspect of boaters, many improvements are possible to increase:

autonomy (electric, fresh water, cold ….),
performance (propellers, hydrogen engine cleaning, etc.),

Once again, the Port-Fréjus Shipyard offers you all the products, accessories and materials necessary to improve your boat at the Ship Accastillage Diffusion.De addition, the CNPF can carry out all forms of improvement, from the simplest to the most complex (rigging, layout, water, electricity, motorization ….).

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