Boat Agents and Dealers:

These are the contacts between the yachtsman and the shipyards when buying a new boat. Each shipyard has its own network with national and international coverage.

The best known French shipyards with several brands are:

  • Jeanneau (Jeanneau, Jeanneau Yachts, Prestige),
  • Bénéteau (Bénéteau, Bénéteau Yachts, Monté-Carlo),
  • Dufour

Preparation of new boats:

The new boat purchased from the agent or dealer still needs to be prepared before it can be delivered to the end customer (yachtsman or professional). This preparation stage, which takes place in a shipyard, consists of:

  • to receive the boat,
  • perform various operations:
    • antifouling,
    • masting in the case of a sailboat,
    • installation of balconies, awnings, biminis, bonnets ..,
    • anchor configuration (chain, anchor), fender type equipment,
    • installation of the various options requested by the client (instruments, sound system, saddlery, stainless steel, etc.),
  • static and dynamic tests at sea,



Once these steps have been completed, delivery to the final customer is carried out by the agent and/or dealer, who usually does the “handover” to accompany the new owner.

Preparation of new boats at the yard:

This stage of preparation of new boats (sailboat and engine) is essential for the success of the project. As simple as it may seem to prepare a sailboat or motorboat, industrialising this preparation process in order to guarantee quality, deadlines and after-sales service is complicated because it requires a great many resources:

  • road access to enable transporters to deliver in the best possible conditions,
  • a geographical location that allows for on-site delivery or delivery by courier,
  • area for receiving and storing boats,
  • harbour berths,
  • handling equipment (travelift, crane, gondola ….),
  • the ship for safety equipment, fittings ….,
  • specialised technical teams

The CNPF specialises in the preparation of new boats:


  • The site has all the equipment and teams necessary for complete management,
  • and 35 years of experience,
  • and has already completed the preparation of 4000 boats

The Chantier Naval de Port-Fréjus is a partner of choice for the preparation of new boats.