02/09/2022 | Shipyard
Realization and installation of a stainless steel gantry

The Port-Fréjus Shipyard was consulted to create a custom-made stainless steel gantry with a diameter of 42mm for a Sun Odyssey 479 sailboat. The particularities requested are:

  • Resumption of the portico on the balconies for reasons of aesthetics and practicality,
  • AIS antennas, VHF deported,
  • Solar panels,
  • The possibility of lifting and transporting the annex,
  • A specific location for the dock walkway

The first step was to provide the customer with a sketch of the future stainless steel gantry.

After the measurements taken on the boat, the realization of the fully tailor-made gantry is finally installed on the boat with integration of solar panels, connectors, antennas.

The advantages of tailor-made are multiple:

  • Integration with the boat,
  • aesthetic
  • adapted functionalities (annex, antennas, gateway location ….),


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