Boat rigging

Isn’t it said that sails are the first engine of a sailboat? For more than 40 years, CNPF’s team of riggers has carried out more than 3,000 masting / dismasting of sailboats. A dedicated team, an infrastructure, specific equipment (blood pressure monitor, crane) as well as the training, qualifications and certifications of the main players (Selden, Zspar, Sparcraft …) have made it possible to develop a real expertise at the services of boaters, agents and builders who trust the CNPF.

Masting / Dismasting

Masting and dismasting operations are carried out by the CNPF’s dedicated “Rigging” team and can be done afloat or dry. Equipment dedicated to these operations (nacelle, crane) guarantees efficiency and safety.

These operations are also an opportunity to ensure the proper routing of the cables, drisses, in the mast without forgetting the condition of the fittings, reas.


Whether for reasons of safety, insurance (some companies require a change of rigging every ten years) or optimization, the stay must be carried out with the appropriate tools.

The digital surfactant allows precision ensuring compliance with manufacturers’ standards and recommendations as well as performance that meets your expectations.

Drisses, listens, veils

Technological developments have brought an immense choice of materials.

The rigging team is happy to advise you to make the right choices, whether for the acquisition or maintenance of these essential drisses, listens and sails, not to mention the development or optimization of the deck plan.

Control & optimization

The components of guying must be checked regularly, both to ensure safety and to optimize performance.

The rigging team, relying on its experience (more than 3,000 masts made) has the eye and the essential tools for a quality service.


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