Broadcast fittings

The Shipyard of Port-Fréjus puts at your disposal two Shipchandler: Accastillage Diffusion with an impressive catalog covering almost all the needs of Boating (Sailing & Motor), a team dedicated to your listening knowing how to advise you, research, order if necessary. A second Shipchandler rather dedicated to maintenance operations.

The Catalog Fittings Broadcast

The catalog (444 pages) covers all the needs of boaters (sailboat & engine) and is divided into large areas: Electronics, Electricity, Comfort, Safety, Rope, Anchorage, Navigation, Vehicles, Leisure, Annexes, Engine, Fittings, Maintenance.

A majority of the product in the catalog are in stock and available at the store.

Complementary products

The Shipchandler of the Port-Fréjus Shipyard takes advantage of the shipyard’s experience and the constant search for products adapted to boating to offer products not found in the catalogs.

Whether it’s silicone antifouling for propellers like PropOne, cleaning wipes like VulcaNet, many products are at your disposal.


Caroline NECTOUX




Ship AD Sales Warehouse

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Isn’t it said that sails are the first engine of a sailboat? For +40 years the CNPF team of riggers has carried out more than 3,000 masting / demating of sailboats.

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From the simplest improvement to the complete refit (renewal) of your sailboat or motor boat.

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Paintings for boat

From the simple retouching of partial paint to the complete repainting, we can restore the brilliance of the new to all surfaces tarnished by time and UV.

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The fairing not only helps to improve the aesthetic appearance of the hull, but also to optimize the performance of the boat and save fuel.

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