Blade mounting

The following description explains the successive steps of mounting the blades on the fastening axis. For propellers delivered in France this assembly has already been carried out by the distributor, the controlled pitch, and the greased propeller, you will only have to install it.


Remove the carton blades from the package and check that the O-ring is present and held in place by the grease cord deposited for this purpose in the throat for transport and to facilitate the initial assembly. Also check that all tolerances and pitch have been set correctly. The photo below shows the O-ring removed from the groove.


Using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove the small Pozidrive imprint screw that closes the hole for further lubrication.


Fill the machined groove at the end of each blade attachment pin with (marine grade) grease and check that the axes are fully grease coated when mounting the blades. Using a spatula or knife, introduce about 20 ml of fat into the cavity of each blade. Note that the O-ring has been removed and must be put back in place in the groove.


Now insert the blade on its fixing pin.


Insert one of the nickel silver brass fixing pins on the same side as shown in the photo below and gently push it in with a hammer. This method allows the correct placement and insertion of the chamfered pin in the turn of the opposite side of the blade.


Once the pin is almost completely depressed and well engaged in the opposite side, complete the placement using a flat steel hammer until the pin is pressed equally on both sides of the blade. Remove excess grease coming out of the hole in the fixing pin.


Rest the small Pozidrive screw to shutter the lubrication port. This screw will need to be removed to allow periodic lubrication of the spindle.


Check that the blades rotate smoothly on their axis to allow for proper feathering. The best method is to lift the propeller 45° above the horizontal, a position from which it must slowly lower without being stopped by the friction of the grease, to the step stop.


If the blade rotates under its own weight – it is in the right friction tolerance, and the assembly of the blade is now complete. Mount the other two blades in the same way. 11 If the blade rotates more difficultly, it does not react as it did during the factory test assembly, and it must be dismantled and the installation restarted. Push the pin in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION to the one of the installation. Clean the insertion groove of the O-ring and check for any residue or dirt that may be causing the jam. Repeat the assembly and testing procedure described above.